Where to shop for baking and pastry supplies while in Paris, France.

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    Many students have asked about my favorite baking and pastry shops in Paris. Here is a list as well as a few other must sees.

    La Grand Epicerie- If I had one day in Paris I would spend 20 of the 24 hours shopping at LGE and the rest of the time waiting in line here to get a table. La Grand Epicerie has the best selection of sugar, mustard, baking ingredients and butter in all of Paris.


    Goumanyat- spices, cooking ingredients.
    3, rue Dupuis (3rd)
    Tél: 01 44 78 96 74

    Culinarion- Cookware


    E. Dehillerin- Everyone’s favorite cookware. Think Sur la Table only in Paris and better. (Pastry tools that are not available in the US are found here.)


    G. Detou- The single best reason to move to Paris. David Lebovitz dedicated an entire blog post to this shop. Read it and weep. The chocolate alone is worth the stop but the real star of the show here are the powdered food dyes.


    Mora- Cookware. Extensive pastry section!


    Galleries Layfette- Forget the clothing the real star here are the ingredients and food stalls. Eat shop repeat.


    Rue de Verneuil - I might be partial to this street located in the St. Germain district because it is where we rented our apartment the last time we visited Paris but it is filled with the best fomage shop, chocolate shop and bistro in Paris. It is also around the corner from the Musee d’Orsay which I highly recommend visiting on a Thursday night. It is the museum’s “late night” , no lines and kids get in free!

    Rue de Verniel



    This may or may not be news to you but you can purchase tickets for the Eiffel Tower online and avoid waiting in any lines! Which means more time to shop!


    Take a taxi at night to really enjoy the city of lights.



    Also see our post on where to take cooking classes while in Paris!

    Until next time Paris…..



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