About Us

macaron_manusHilary Freeman has devoted her life to the art of baking. She loves empowering others to enjoy the same through her hands-on baking and pastry-making classes. A student of San Francisco’s Le Cordon Bleu California Culinary Academy, Hilary graduated at the top of her class. She later went on to intern in The San Francisco Chronicle food and wine department where she worked in the test kitchen, developed recipes and wrote articles on her discoveries.


Her first trip to France solidified her passion for exquisite confections. Now the mother of two, Hilary and her husband Daniel are always on the lookout for an opportunity to take the family to Paris. While others might spend their time scouring the latest European fashions, Hilary patrols Parisian farmers’ markets seeking new ingredients to add to her ever-growing repertoire of recipes, which includes one of her favorite sweet treats on the planet: French-style macarons (not macaroons!).


Since having children, Hilary has been running her own party planning business in which she has handcrafted hundreds of cakes for every age and occasion, and always with a careful eye on using wholesome ingredients.


Hilary is a natural teacher, as is evident from the loyal following she received while teaching baking and pastry classes at Palo Alto’s Sur la Table. Now, like everything else she’s done in her life, The Sugar Studio is a reflection of her heart, soul… and love of fabulous desserts.